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Risk Analyst

  • Full-time

Posted on August 5, 2023


The Risk Analyst will be responsible for planning, designing, monitoring and implementing risk management processes and programs.  The Risk Analyst will identify and manage risks to the organization, its employees, stakeholders, assets and operations while developing ERM strategies, objectives and policies that will establish the framework, tools and procedures to achieve successful risk identification and management within best practice standards.

  • Established strategy for operations reporting and analytics, identifying critical needs for deliverables while driving continuous improvement of processes.

  • Built and maintained measurement infrastructure by integrating data warehouses, SAS and business objects.

  • Instituted contingency plans, ensuring business continuity through cross-training, documentation and data backups.

  • Participates in maintaining a professional risk control environment that is conducted within risk limits, processes, and standards that are set for regulatory and operational risks of the Bank and as reviewed by the Auditors/Examiners

  • Responsible for the documentation of processes and procedures

  • Tracks various issues under Investigation and resolution process and provides management with regular reports on the status

  • Coordinates the production of performance reports for management and presents results to management

  • Undertakes quantitative analysis using financial packages and software, including portfolio management software

  • Assists in developing financial strategies that achieve the firm's targeted financial returns and risk

  • Provides evaluations of the firm's risk, including generation of value at risk (VAR), interest and spread duration, and equity duration